Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is a major focus of Intech’s field services. Intech provides professional, qualified, and well trained personnel in support of various inspection and maintenance workscopes.

Staff Augmentation

Our personnel can fit seamlessly into your organization or work independently on turnkey projects.

  • 200 field service personnel deployed in Ontario
  • Partnerships with College NDE programs
  • Voluntary Recognition Agreement with Quality Control Council of Canada (QCCC)
  • NDE technicians certified by various governing bodies, CGSB, BINDT, CWB, ASNT
  • ET, UT, RT, PT, MT, XRF, CEDO, and Visual Inspections
  • QC and QA
Staff Aug
Work Scopes

Intech supports a wide range of inspection and maintenance work scopes:

  • Steam Generator and Heat Exchanger (Primary and Secondary Side)
    • ET Inspection
    • UT Inspection (TRUSTIE)
    • Visual Inspection
    • Audio/Video Support
    • Data Management
    • Supervision
    • Waterlancing
    • Quality Control
    • Maintenance
  • Feeders
    • UT Inspection
    • Visual Inspection
  • Flow Assisted Corrosion (FAC)
  • Period Inspection
  • Fuel Channel Analysis (BRIMS/CIGAR/ANDE)
  • Mechanical and Electrical Support
  • Quality Control
  • Balance of Plant
    • Acquisition
    • Analysis
  • Canadian Inspection Qualification Bureau (CIQB)
    • Procedure Development
Work Scopes
Resource Management

Intech deploys their qualified staff of technicians and engineers to support a wide range of field service activities. Various industries such as nuclear, oil and gas rely on our qualified staff to operate and maintain equipment at their facilities. Such allocation of staff requires detailed and effective project planning as employees may be working from project to project and location to location. Intech employs a powerful internal resource management web application, RMP, which allows for our logistics team to efficiently manage crews and schedules for customer specific projects. RMP is able to deliver custom client defined reports and work packages for all their auditing and human resources requirements.

Intech's time management of field resources are managed through a custom time management program, TMP. Intech's employees remotely login to electronically submit their worked hours and expenses relating to the respective project(s) they are on. TMP functionality includes manipulating database data to deliver customer specific reports on field resources, time and expense allocations. TMP allows for accurate real-time expense and time reporting for Intech and it's customers.

Resource Mgmt